I miss you!

Hello Friends! 

It's been awhile since I've been here on Blogger. I would love it if you would visit me in my new space on Substack. It's called The Cozy Library and, if you like to read, you'll love it there. 

I give books reviews and share stories about my personal life (in the latest post, I tell you about the time I met a witch as a child and list my favorite Cozy Witch books), recommend bookstores, and have plans to interview authors, and share my fiction-writing journey with you.

Maybe you tried to come and visit me but found Substack confusing? If so, I thought I would share some tips for navigating the platform. Even if you don't end up following my Substack, I think you will find this helpful information. There are so many good things to read over there. (I'll share my current favorites at the end of this post!)

How to Follow My Substack

  • Click on The Cozy Library link here
  • You will get a page with a photo of me (Hello!) and there's a box to Subscribe. You can either:
    • Type in your email and hit subscribe button. This will lead you to page where you can choose to subscribe for free or pay for subscription.
      • Free subscriptions for my Substack mean you will get a weekly email with my latest post. These free posts are all about books, reading, and personal memoir stuff.
      • Paid subscription ALSO gives you access to monthly, fictional short stories written by me I am also thinking of eventually starting a virtual book club for paid members. It costs $5 a month to subscribe and you can cancel anytime OR you can pay $50 for a year's subscription (which is like getting 2 months free!)
    • OR, if you just want to look at (and read the free content) you can hit the 'No thanks', you see under the Subscribe box and you will be taken to my Substack. You won't get emails from me unless you subscribe, but if you want to check out my articles before you get any emails from me, please feel free to use this option.

That's it! I hope that clears things up, especially if that forceful Subscribe page scared you off. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to help you.

Hope to see you over in The Cozy Library soon. Please leave a comment for me over there and say hi! I miss you guys! 

My Favorite Substacks

Yarnstorm You may remember Jane Brockett's Yarnstorm from the golden age of blogging. She recently restarted her blog on Substack. It's just as good as it used to be!

The Department of Salad has fantastic essays and delicious salad recipes.

Story Club with George Saunders If you are an aspiring writer, this Substack is a must read!




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